WinPIPE, LLC is an engineering software company founded by experienced engineers and software developers in 2013. The mission of the company is to create a new generation of pipe stress analysis program that should help pipe stress engineers to:

  • increase their productivity
  • make their models compliant with pipe code requirements
  • have a high degree of confidence in their analysis


WinPIPE is a new generation of pipe stress analysis program. Optimized for graphical and block operations it is much simpler and easier to use and more powerful than other “legacy” programs at a fraction of their cost. WinPIPE will usher in a new era of pipe stress analysis.

WinPIPE supports B31.3 – 2008 to 2016 (April, 2017). The key features of the program include:

  • integrated work environment
  • multi-job, multi-version processing capabilities
  • powerful graphical and block operations
  • improved load case analyzing facilities
  • SIF/SSI and stress calculation details


WinPIPE 2018 is released in April, 2018. It has build-in B31J-2017 support.

Please check Products section for detailed description.

For introductory tutorials, please send emails to:  info@winpipesoftware.com.

WinPIPE Demo (free version) is available, and it can be sent through email, or downloaded from our FTP site.